The Complete Guide for Women Fashion

What is the most important thing when it comes to fashion? Is it the clothes? Is it looking good? Is it looking good for the world or looking good for yourself? Many fashion enthusiasts think that looking good has nothing to do with fashion. But, to them we say the popular phrase: balderdash. We know that this isn’t a phrase, but they don’t have an argument as well. For us, fashion has always meant to look good and be comfortable while doing it. You will have to go out of your comfort zone, but you do not have to fall out of it right now.

So, we hear that ripped jeans are all the rave this spring, after all Gigi Hadid is sporting them. That is one way of thinking about fashion. But, if like us a $1000 pair of jeans with holes the size of your fist does not appeal to you, then we suggest a pair of bottoms from American Eagle. But, humor apart, there are three questions that you need to ask yourself to turn heads in adoration:

  1. What is my body type?
  2. What is the fit that should go with it and will accentuate the natural features?
  3. What color combinations do I like and that would not have me looking like a clown?

But, before you answer these you have to be comfortable with who you are. That can only be achieved if you stop to appreciate yourself. After all, there is a reason that body types are usually named after fruits. All of them are sweet, but unfortunately the media would have all of us look like a coke bottle. So, find out your body type. The next question will require some reading up and experience. Find out your distinguishing features and select the right fit to accentuate them. Color combinations are the relaxed part, as long as you do not look like a clown, unless you want to look like it, then it would be the ideal look.

We have made a detailed infographic to help you out with the aforementioned questions. So, go through it and if you ever want ripped jeans, just rip up an old pair from the closet.

The Complete Guide For Women's Fashion

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